02/20/05 Stomach weird this morning; tired and nervous, God help me. Today’s piece very simple. Sit, still, alone, looking back on bLoom bud, ok.

Yesterdays piece was wonderful: beginning standing, pulling fabric from the bud around my shoulders protecting and warming me, my defenses. The heat was very close by and I stood at peace strong in the security of these defenses. After an hour and a half, I began a slow rotation into the bud, wrapping myself up in

the fabric and defenses, confining, binding, and holding myself, becoming weaker, more intimate needing strength and guidance: finally ending sitting on the bud, clay piece, hugging into it.

b L o o m d a i L y

Then the children arrived, C---- had been watching the turning and John watched the standing. C---- followed around the object, and my chants played. The children with fathers came and were captured. They planned on other visits and stay with me instead. They painted upon me and asked questions. They became the strength and guidance for me.

They finished painting and I pushed and stood, spin and pulled my way to the end of bLoom: the fabric peeling the latex from the body. The families followed the turning then stopped mesmerized as the last of the fabric pulled the latex from me and I was over.