02/07/05 Dinner Time – exhausted, I feel way asleep before yoga – a gentle guffaw now that B---- and A----- are at airport and weekend chaos of step 1 is passed. H------- at airport, I called lawyer, interrupted during call and gotta call back. Gotta email, and RV’s with great images of arrest. Need to write “we r bRave richmond” email mission statement, type up these sentences and get images online. Been examining next walk and next clay pieces.

Writing is still not a fancy of mine, love the reading, writing is actual work…ouffa.

A----- and B---- called, phone delayed.

Interesting, H------- called my phone while going to airport and I listened to her leave a message and my phone does not register any, weird.

I loved the movement in yesterdays piece. (Food just arrived…hot caliente).

Yesterday was a red latex day; wrapped in a bed sheet with yellow crisscross tape binding it and me, I stood over the bud of the piece. Red latex dropped and spilled everywhere. A----- finished my covering and I slightly covered my penis with my hand. Galleries attendants and member L--- and L--, C----, A--- and Mrs. A--- stopped by.

Anyway, to heart of the matter; clarity, we are coming into bLoom.

Friday – still, bound, by our bud, clay…dirt

Saturday – coming from living space into bLoom

Sunday – intimate and spilling over, tied together, worship and bond, tribute, play


I began standing over the bud, covered penis greeting the top of the bud, intimate. After an hour or so, halfway through installation I began to come down into the bud cover and love them twist and turn out from embrace to kneel beside facing it in a worship “child’s pose.” 3 movements raising from “child’s pose” to place my head atop, alongside left, alongside right of the top of the bud; my head replacing my penis position.

Breathe in, raise, stay.

Breathe out lower, stay.


The latex slowly tearing from my body revealing smooth limbs and skin; the bed sheet and tape warp pulling from bud. How will these remain? How to secure them?

After my movements, I began a slow raise to one foot atop bud’s middle and paid tribute in Rodin’s “Adam” fashion or “3 men” it can be seen as.

From this we played a little with our wrappings slowly pulling them from my body. The latex sound and stretch is always phenomenal in its capacity. Pulling and turning, the latex guided my twist that I may be free from our play.

What a wonderful sight it felt like.

I graced the edge of the platform my body twisted and fell in on itself to allow the latex’s its domain. My body clung to the latex and shifted to catch up with it. It taught me to let go in a new sense, be guided, and feel the beauty. It stretched and bore the visual pleasure.

Laying our wrappings down, I finished. Cleaned up and added my “L” in red latex, wonderful.

Thank you God.

b L o o m d a i L y